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Fluff es una marca polaca que reúne extraordinarias colecciones de ropa exterior para los más jóvenes.

Después de buscar alternativas

Nuestro viaje comenzó en 2016

El producto estrella de Fluff está fabricado con plumón natural ANTIALÉRGICO cuidadosamente seleccionado y de la más alta calidad. Nuestras colecciones combinan estilo, calidad y comodidad. Tienen un estilo minimalista y simple, con los colores originales.

Un ajuste perfecto para su hijo en la vida diaria

Diseñado para ser versátil

Somos conscientes de que al crear colecciones para los más pequeños, estamos trabajando para el cliente más exigente. Cuidamos cada detalle para brindarle los productos de la más alta calidad y satisfacer sus expectativas.

Sencillez en el diseño y la forma

Acabamos de empezar

El mundo de Fluff está cerrado para ti en una caja única que es perfecta para recopilar todos tus recuerdos de tus momentos mas especiales.
¡Enamórate de nuestros productos! ¡Enamórate de Fluff!

¡Abraza la suavidad del mundo Fluff!

I’m so happy with the service from Fluff – my order was delivered within 48 hours and the thought and care they put into their products really stands out. Plus, their support is just awesome!

~ Ann Walsh


All our products contain naturally sourced down due to its warmth-to-weight ratio and superior insulation properties. The down used in our products is carefully selected for its highest quality. It is anti-allergic and has been ISO 9001:2018 certified. In addition, any detergents used to clean the down in the supply chain are biodegradable and eco-friendly.
Children are among our most demanding customers and by undertaking those crucial steps, we are committed to meeting our customers’ highest expectations.

Our products are made for the youngest consumers. Therefore, following such demanding standards and taking extra care of the production process allows us to meet their strictest needs.

As a company, we have full control of our product throughout its entire production process. Crucially, we pay close attention to the way our down is sourced.

Our down comes from geese that are raised ethically and have not been subject to any unnecessary harm, such as force-feeding or live-plucking.
We are strongly against live-plucking animals for down. This barbaric method causes unnecessary harm to animals and is absolutely against our values. We use down that comes from geese raised for meat production. Importantly, the down comes as the by-product of the poultry-industry. 

Down is the by-product of a renewable resource and using it allows us to decrease waste.Waste production is a global problem therefore recycling the down has a positive impact on the environment. To show respect for animals, we should ensure sustainability of down as the by-product and prevent additional waste coming from products that can be easily recycled.

We are big promoters of conscious shopping and would encourage all customers to embrace this practice. In our minds, conscious shopping involves checking and questioning the source of down used in purchased products. We do our best to educate our customers to pay close attention to the quality of the products they purchase. It is important to avoid purchasing products filled with natural down coming from unknown sources, uncertified down or down that is sourced from live animals. 

Such down may be obtained in ways invalidating strict responsible sourcing standards. The down may be treated with detergents unsafe to our health or environment and sourced against animal welfare.

The down and feathers used in our products are 100% responsibly and ethically sourced. We do not source down from live animals nor practice other harmful methods of obtaining down. In case of any false statements suggesting otherwise, we reserve the right to take legal action resulting in serious financial consequences.

Fluff Team