Please remember to take good care of your product!
This will allow you to enjoy it for a long time.

General recommendations:
1. Wash separately.
2. Do not wash manually.
3. Do not use impregnates.
4. Do not clean and do not bleach.
5. Do not soak the jacket before washing.
6. Do not add softening fluids.

Washing machine:
1. Wash at low temperature (30 °C) with a small amount of powder (or laundry lotion), but use a special downwash (recommended Granger’s 30 °c down cleaner).
2. Remember to add 2-3 tennis balls to the drum. This will help you avoid fluffing.

1. Do not dry on the radiator.
2. Wipe the jacket dry in a drafty place, occasionally turning it, fluffing the fluff.

1. Store your down comfortably loose items or hang them in a dry place.
2. The bags and compressed bags sold with the products are intended solely for their transport and not for storage.

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