If any defects in the purchased Goods are detected, the Store respects the statutory rights of the Customer.

Please be informed, that our priority option in the event of a complaint, is product repair. As a clothing manufacturer, we strive to extend the life of our products and minimize textile waste. We believe that this approach is crucial to sustainable environmental impact.

To start the complaint procedure, please, contact us at and complete the complaint form(DOWNLOAD).

Preparing the product for a complaint:

  1. The product should be packed with a complaint form inside.
  2. The products must be kept in good condition, indicating proper use.
  3. The complaint form must be carefully completed with current contact details and details of the defect.
  4. The parcel should be sent to the address provided on the complaint form.
  5. We do not accept parcels with payment upon delivery or from parcel collection points.

Complaint process:

  1. After receiving the product, the defect/report is verified by the complaints department.
  2. The customer receives information about the decision and further steps in the complaint process within 14 days.
  3. If the complaint is accepted, we first verify whether the product can be repaired. In this situation, the defect will be corrected by the manufacturer to restore the product to its original quality and condition in accordance with the contract.
  4. Only if repair is not possible will the product be replaced or refunded.
  5. If the complaint is rejected, the customer will be informed about the reason. This may be related to mechanical damage, incorrect use or exceeding the warranty period.

More information in the Regulations.