How to take good care of down jackets?

Down jackets are a great way to stay warm and comfortable while out in the cold, but they require proper care and maintenance if they are going to last through many seaons. To enjoy your down garment for many years, it only takes some proper steps of good care. The most important thing when caring for your down jacket is keeping it dry. Water is the enemy of down as it makes it clump together which reduces its insulating ability. If your jacket gets wet, make sure you dry it in the dryer using low heat settings or hang it indoors away from any sources of heat.

Store your garment where there is plenty of space between other items so that air can circulate freely around all sides. If possible, avoid storing your jacket near direct sources of heat such as radiators or fireplaces – this could cause severe damage due to excessive temperatures.

And when your down garment needs to be washed, you can do it easily at home. Here are some tips for cleaning:

Washing machine:

  • Wash at a maximum of 30°C
  • Wash with dedicated down cleaner (We recommend Granger’s down cleaner)
  • If you don’t have a tumble dryer, add tennis balls to the washing machine drum to prevent clumping.
  • Minor dirt can be cleaned gently with a damp sponge.
  • ⛔ Don’t use impregnates, don’t soak jackets before washing, and don’t add softening liquid.
  • ⛔ Do not bleach.
  • ⛔ Don’t wash by hand.

Proper drying: when exposed to water, down compacts, so it is important to dry thoroughly.

  • We recommend tumble drying on the down program (can be dried with balls). The automatic dryer guarantees thorough drying and proper “breaking” of the interior.
  • Air drying – fluff the filling as often as possible by shaking and fluffing the product so that it dries evenly.
  • ⛔ Do not dry on the radiator.

Dry cleaning

Products can also be given for professional cleaning – mark in the laundry that it is a product with a natural, down filling.

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