Grangers’ Down Wash


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Grangers’ down wash – down products cleaner

Take good care of your down articles with Grangers’ Down Wash. It’s a powerful, yet gentle, cleaner. Formulated specifically to clean all your down products without damage. Normal detergents shouldn’t be used on natural down-filled outerwear! Grangers’ down cleaner will restore your products to like-new performance and won’t leave any chemical residue, which may lead to reducing the garment’s ability to insulate or repel water.


  • Neutralises odours,
  • Leaves no residue,
  • Performs the same in hard and soft waters,
  • Revitalises any existing water-repellency,
  • Enhances breathability,
  • Use 25ml capful per wash load,
  • 100% Recycled bottle.
  • 300 ml (12 washes).

How to use

  • Use 25ml capful per wash load,
  • Pour the product directly into the detergent drawer of your washing machine in place of normal detergent,
  • Wash on a full cycle at 30°C (or according to care label instructions).
  • Not sure how to wash Fluff jackets? Check out our care guide.


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