Refresh your closet for upcoming fall

Fluff waisted vest with down

Autumn and its new beginnings – refresh your closet for the return from vacation

Although many of us would wish wholeheartedly to extend summer for a way longer period, it is inevitably coming to an end. However, instead of constantly whining over the past warm evenings, over sun rays brushing your tanned skin as well the so dearly loved light summer outfits, it’s time to look up to the future with optimism and energy. Autumn does not have to be sad and boring at all – on the contrary! After all, it is a time of new beginnings and… new order: at school, at work, and most of all – in your closet. We have prepared a handful of proposals and inspirations that will help you refresh and properly organize your family closet for the upcoming autumn months. Lightweight goose down jackets, cosy accessories to keep you warm and more – check out what to wear this fall!

High-quality down jackets for cold temperatures – autumn must have

Early autumn still tries at times to be summer in disguise. It still follows its traces blessing us with very warm, sunny days and cloudless skies, but don’t expect this to last much longer. The calendar never lies, and the laws of nature are inexorable: the sun sets a few minutes earlier each day, the noticeably less juicy green of the leaves discreetly changes into – still quite shy – yellow and orange shades, and evening walks in a sleeveless shirt actually begin to give you unpleasant chills as low temperature hits surprisingly….

Don’t let the autumn cold catch you unprepared. It can dominate the weather literally overnight so it is better to be farsighted and get ready in advance. The key element of the autumn closet seems to be a comfortable outer garment for everyday wear – thus the lightweight Polish Fluff goose down jackets, dedicated for such transitional periods in between two seasons, will suit you and your family just perfectly.

Thanks to their quality, our elegant and comfortable down jackets are universal and inter-seasonal – they work well both in autumn and spring and sometimes (when the weather gets tricky) also turn out to be useful for extreme conditions in summer. Due to the optimal composition of the filling (90% down, 10% feather, 750 cuin springiness) they provide optimal protection against the cold. Modern technologies in down jackets, which we use in the production process, also make the jackets in our offer windproof and waterproof.

Unique models of down jackets: oversize down jackets and way more

How to choose the perfect down jacket for autumn? One of the most exciting options which is highly appreciated by our customers, is a knee-length light-down coat with a large turned-up collar, buttoned and equipped with practical reflective elements made of recycled rubber. You can also check out one of our super practical 2-in-1 bestsellers, a lightweight spring and autumn down jacket, which becomes an elegant vest in just a few moments after unfastening the sleeves. This is ideal for those capricious autumn days when the unstable weather changes like in a kaleidoscope. Do you prefer a casual oversize style? Perhaps you’ll like best our very lightweight and fully inter-seasonal spring/fall poncho with a roomy hood and even roomier front flap pocket with snap buttons.

Fluff Outerwear classics: exclusive down jackets for kids

In a similar way, we strongly recommend remaking your child’s closet a bit before the return to school. Lightweight down jackets for the youngest members of the family are our speciality: it was with them that we started our adventure with Fluff Outerwear several years ago. The most practical and at the same time the most appreciated children’s jackets are those of the most versatile nature: inter-seasonal, easily adaptable to the rest of their closet and enabling you to create numerous comfortable, stylish sets.

Not surprisingly, one of the real gems in our offer seems to be the ultralight double-sided down jacket. Its design makes it a de facto 2-in-1 product, allowing you to choose between two contrasting colours depending on your mood and circumstances. And if, in the meantime, your child gets bored with the chosen styling, changing it couldn’t get any easier – it is enough to just undo the front zipper, take off the jacket, turn it to the other side and… start looking completely different in just a few seconds. These jackets are great because their unique structure leaves both kids and their mothers a lot of freedom – it is really worth having in your child’s closet for the coming school year.

Fashionable and practical accessories for cold days: corduroy flat cap, versatile wool tube scarfs

We have no doubt that in fashion the devil is in the details. In autumn and winter, this is even more evident: during this period accessories become extremely important, not only for aesthetic reasons, but above all for the practical aspects. Cold days without headgear or a warm scarf wrapped around the neck turn out to be not only uncomfortable but also simply risky for health, especially for the youngest.

If you want to enhance your kid’s closet with stylish accessories that will effectively protect them from the cold and that they will like so much that they will not want to take them off, you will find a lot of interesting proposals in our offer. Be sure to check (among others):

  • corduroy flat cap for a child incorporating the 90s style, available in two sizes and equipped with a convenient Velcro adjustment, so you will easily manage to fit it perfectly according to the needs of your little one;
  • soft and warm cowls made of 100% merino wool, known for its thermal properties, with a pleasant weave, available in a universal one size (suitable for both children and adults) and several fashionable colours;
  • thin and lightweight beanies also made of 100% merino wool, ideal for the in-between-season period.

Greatest hits of fall 2023: wide leather pants…

When it comes to outerwear for the coming autumn – all appear to be clear, right? But that’s not the end – we have for you two other hit proposals from our collections, which perfectly fit into the current trends, and at the same time turn out to be extremely versatile and match many clothes presenting different styles. They are sure to bring a breath of fresh air and some new quality to your closet.

First come beautifully fitting leather pants – brown, high-waisted, with wide, fashionable legs. They were sewn from 100% natural leather, have no pockets and easily zipper up. They fit perfectly and are incredibly comfortable for casual wear. If you fancy a leather total look, you can combine them with our matching jacket from the same collection.

… and a versatile oversize denim jacket!

They will also make an ideal companion for the second of our gems, which is a women’s denim jacket of fashionable cut with a lapel collar, shoulder pads and two convenient front pockets. This is a modern version of a classic that never goes out of style and which fits perfectly into a variety of stylings, both more formal and completely casual. As a timeless and inter-seasonal closet item that goes with almost anything, this elegant oversize denim jacket is sure to stay with you for a long time.

Which of Fluff’s proposals for the fast-approaching autumn did you like the most? Don’t wait too long and order them straight today!

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