Why choose a down jacket?

Goose down is the warmest insulating material available by far, known for centuries, and much lighter than all other fills. It’s made from the soft under-feathers of geese that provide warmth and protection against low temperatures.


What makes down so effective?

Down clusters and their ability to trap heat. These clusters create millions of tiny air pockets which your body heat warms up, providing an extra layer of warmth. Synthetic fill materials can’t match the warmth provided by natural filling due to their inability to trap air pockets, like down does.

Down jacket benefits

  1. Longevity
    Fluff jackets are made from down and feathers that come from geese. Goose down is generally bigger and stronger than duck down, so if you’re looking for a long-lasting jacket, goose down is usually the best bet. Durable outer&inner materials are made to work with the filling to keep it in good condition and prevent loss.
  2. Warmth
    Compared to synthetic, down is known to give approximately up to 3 times the warmth than the same amount of synthetic.When it comes to thermal qualities and comfort, natural down is the ultimate winner.
  3. Down elasticity
    Elasticity (often described in cubic inches – cuin) is an important metric to consider when purchasing a down garment. Elasticity refers to the amount of loft that a certain weight of down can provide, as well as how compressible it is. This means that a higher quality down with more fill power will use less weight of the filling and be more compact than one with lower quality and less fill power.
  4. Lightness
    Down-filled products will always be lighter and warmer than synthetics for the same amount of material used. The ability to trap air creates a highly efficient insulator with minimal bulk or weight added. Fluff coats and jackets are very lightweight, and the filling does not move, which gives an even distribution of heat. Due to its lightness, the product doesn’t limit your body’s movement, which gives you ultimate comfort.
  5. Anti-allergic
    Our products are made from carefully selected, certified, highest quality natural down. It means that after the cleaning process, our down is free of allergens.

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